CBSSports Lists Vikings as 7th Best Landing Spot for WR Dorial Green-Beckham… Is he a Good Fit?

Dorial Green beckham tackled against vikings

Back before the 2015 draft I was enamored with one receiver (As I typically do), that receiver was the hyper talented, dare I say as close to Randy Moss as a receiver can be (which is still pretty far away) that I’ve seen in recent memory. Now, the Vikings have acquired a ton of wide receivers lately, so despite what the fellas over at has to say, the Vikings are actually pretty deep at the position. They brought in Michael Floyd from Arizona/New England/Alcoholism and drafted Rodney Adams and Stacy Coley back in April. In addition they brought in some receivers from veteran try-outs and free agency and of course have their two starters locked in, in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen.

I don’t want to contradict myself so I will admit that when talking about Coley’s chances of making the team (mostly in lieu of another pre-draft obsession of mine, Moritz Boehringer) I said that I doubted he’d make the team because despite his impressive talents/measurables, he apparently has a motivation problem. That is the one thing that people can say about Green-Beckham and one thing that I think makes it really, really hard for any played to make it in the NFL but especially at a position like wide receiver. He’s already been cut from one team that traded for him because the team that drafted him was fed up. His career is young, but because despite being hyper talented and physically gifted, he’s apparently got an issue with actually trying.

The Super Bowl Experience

Titans (The team that drafted him) Mike Mularkey added this assessment of him, which as Sean Wagner-McGough (So many hypens!) explains and points out is “pretty damning”:

“That’s spending extra time when nobody is watching,” Mularkey said. “That’s doing things when nobody is watching. That’s in the classroom. I think it’s just putting the work in without being directed by anybody. Doing it yourself.”

I asked if Mularkey was suggesting DGB is not doing those things.

“I would do it more,” he said. “I mean he does do it. I would do it more.”

After the trade apparently the Eagles told DGB that he needed to try harder and despite that warning he came into camp out of shape. Despite that, though, he’s been semi-productive for someone who isn’t trying. In his two seasons  he’s caught 68 passes for 941 yards and six touchdowns. Now, what excites me and made me write this piece is that he’s just so damn gifted. Like another receiver that the Vikings brought in despite baggage and the fact that he’s been on two teams in the last season or two, Michael Floyd, perhaps DGB realizes that he needs to get his stuff in order if he’s going to succeed in the NFL. That idea, combined with his measurables, will get him a third opportunity. So, before I copy and paste what Wagner-McGough said about the Vikings and the potential fit for Green-Beckham, let’s look at the following highlight reel… real quick to wet your whistles… Oh, and it’s titled “Moss Reincarnated” which should show you why I’m interested…

Now, he’s not even close to as fast as Moss, but outside of Boehringer and Floyd, he’s still be faster than most other receivers on the team. He’s also 6’5″ and a ball-hawk, something the Vikings need (and I’m assuming they think Floyd will be able to do). So, what did the author of the CBS piece say about his chances of ending up with the Vikings?

7. Minnesota Vikings

I’m a pretty big fan of the Vikings’ receivers. Adam Thielen shocked everyone last year with a 967-yard season. And Stefon Diggs added in 903 yards in 13 games. But, like most teams, they’re lacking depth. 

The Vikings could be a playoff contender in 2017 if they can stay healthy. That’s why I like the idea of bringing in DGB for what is essentially a summer tryout. 

Now, I disagree with the depth thing but like most national writers, Wagner-McGough doesn’t really know what’s going on in Eden Prairie (I don’t really blame him, I mean, they have a mall but that’s about it). I also think the idea that we “could” be a playoff team is a joke. If you look at our schedule, at least as it compares to how good the teams on it played in 2016, they should have a pretty easy go of it. Combine that with the fact that before the injuries that he mentioned, in 2016, the Vikes were undefeated and you get why people are excited about the upcoming season. They’ve also upgraded multiple positions this off-season and have added depth, so the playoffs alone shouldn’t be enough to sate the appetites of the Purple and Gold faithful in 2017.

Either way, the idea of bringing in more competition at the WR position obviously intrigues me. I do want Boehringer to make the team, though, so I don’t necessarily want more people to push him out as he can do (physically) the stuff that Green-Beckham does, but better. While the game is about more than physicality, the idea of Boehringer becoming a force makes me too excited to pay attention to the fact that my left arm is numb. But, at the same time, again, depth and competition even if you already have both will encourage everyone to try harder and when you have someone like Michael Floyd who needs to be reminded of that everyday, after the Kambucha Incident especially, bringing in someone like Green-Beckham isn’t a bad idea.

I highly doubt this’ll happen, but it’s fun to pretend.

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