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The Vikings looked hard for a number three receiver behind Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs last year. Treadwell tried and failed, again. Chad Beebe tried and was injured, again. Their late round draft pick, ‘Bisi Johnson, showed some talent toward the end, but it wasn’t enough for long enough during the season (especially when the Vikings needed him most when Thielen was sidelined). 

However, because this search was less than conclusive, some of the Viking faithful panicked when the Vikes parted ways with the talented but pouty sideline distraction called Stephon Diggs. The Purple got a good haul of draft picks for Diggs and I for one, am ready to move on.

I love the pick of Justin Jefferson who will team with Thielen. He is a very talented and exciting young man and unlike Diggs he wants to play here. The Vikes also signed Tajaé Sharpe a big solid receiver who spent the last three years with the Titans and caught 92 balls for 1,167 yards and 8 touchdowns during that span. They will likely be the top three receivers this year.

Remaining in the mix are Bisi Johnson and Chad Beebe, if Beebe can stay out of the medical tent for five minutes. Toward the end of last season undrafted free agent Alexander Hollins was rewarded with his efforts by being added to the active roster and may also progress enough to make the roster again. K.J. Osborn was drafted day three and can also return kicks and punts and may make the roster with these abilities.

Also in the mix is a late round pick from last year Dillon Mitchell and a practice squad player Davion Davis. The Vikings also signed Bralon Addison and undrafted free agents Dan Chisena and Quartney Davis. Davis is a WR many football gurus think was one of the better undrafted players this year.

The WRs should be just fine and it will be fun to watch which of the young players will win a roster spot and maybe some playing time, besides Jefferson.

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The strongest part of the Vikings receiving corps is the tight end position. Kyle Rudolph remains a Pro Bowl caliber player and Irv Smith Jr. is a very good young player with abilities to become elite.

The offense will feature a lot of two tight end formations. This will take the pressure of the WRs to carry the load. Tyler Conklin could start for many teams, but not here with Rudolph and Smith ahead of him. I think Brandon Dillon will make it onto an active roster, but probably not here. Undrafted free agent Nakia Griffin-Stewart is a training camp body who may make the practice squad.

Conclusion: The Vikings will feature Thielen, Jefferson and Sharpe as their top three wide outs and barring injury they will be solid. The three talented tight ends will take pressure off the WRs and all together they will make for a very good receiver corps for Kirk Cousins.

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      The Vikings looked hard for a number three receiver behind Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs last year. Treadwell tried and failed, again. Chad Beebe trie
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