If you’ve followed my emotional roller-coaster over the past few days/articles, you’ll know that I’m pretty apoplectic when it comes to the situation we as fans and the Vikings as a cursed team, find ourselves in. Luckily for me, and you as a fan/reader, there’s some decent news coming out of Winter Park and Sam Bradford’s cartilage. Head trainer of the Vikings, Eric Sugarman, said that the injury was simply “Wear and Tear”, and so it’s up in the air whether or not Bradford will play this weekend against the Packers.

Considering how he looked Monday night and the fact that Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said after the game that Bradford had “aggravated” his injury, it doesn’t look like he’s going to play against the Packers (a team I’m confident they’d beat if Bradford was healthy) though and that’s just great. This should put some fuel on the fire that is the idea that Bradford may never play for the Vikings again, as should he be out a couple weeks (it took him three weeks to get to Monday night’s point and he re-injured it) and that’s enough time for Teddy to step back in, it’d be Teddy’s team and so on. That’s based on the “news” that Teddy was removed from the PUP and ready to practice. However, that’s not entirely true, at least yet.

The Super Bowl Experience

It was also announced today that Teddy Bridgewater needs to meet with a doctor next Monday for a test to determine whether or not he can start practicing again. Considering his leg literally almost fell off from a non-contact injury in practice, it’s actually amazing to hear that he’s close to returning. However, it makes you extremely nervous to see him play/get him as that’s a frightening injury and it makes you wonder exactly how it could’ve happened. Either way, he’ll most likely get approved as one doctor already cleared him so that means that there’s a bubbling QB controversy and that’s a good situation to be in when both are good to great and it’s the off or pre-season, but it sucks when it happens mid-season because it means that something is wrong with Bradford and I had such high expectations for this season and him.

Sigh Noise.

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The Super Bowl Experience