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Check out the podcast below as I examine the pros and cons of an Antonio Brown trade.  The Salary Cap would not be a barrier if the Vikings trade one expensive player for another and the Vikings could still address their O-line in both Free Agency & The Draft.  The cons have more to do with Antonio Brown’s recent twitter comments & the potential negative impact someone like Brown could have on the Vikings locker room if the situation doesn’t work out perfectly.

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      Check out the podcast below as I examine the pros and cons of an Antonio Brown trade.  The Salary Cap would not be a barrier if the Vikings trade one
      [See the full post at: Antonio Brown Trade could work with Vikings Salary Cap but maybe not Locker Room]

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      Great Podcast. No apparent bias. Detailed breakdown of Pros and Cons. I think another Pro would be that if we gave another player a guaranteed contract, other FA players are going to consider playing for us first because they believe they may be able to get a fully guaranteed contract. Not sure if they want to set that trend but if things are trending towards more guaranteed contracts anyway, might as well use it to your advantage. Also guarantees can have clauses that protect the team if he’s forced to miss time or chooses to. The ultimate way for him to show that the blame is on the Steelers is by proving people wrong about the image that is being painted, once he’s on his new team; which is why I don’t think that there will be a personality issue. I think he likes proving naysayers wrong, and his mission is going to be to continue to grind and write his legacy. I don’t see his production on the field dipping, and the only offensive individual who may have conflict is Theilen imo but I think if Kirk is able to balance his targets, they’re all going to eat off of each other, and have less wear n tear season end.. and Dalvin Cook may benefit the most. I think if you polled the locker room they would approve, and anyone who doesn’t, should show Zim the defensive gameplan that would stop that trio, while keeping Dalvin Cook accounted for, because that’s the biggest factor Imo. We can only do right by making this move. If it didn’t work I don’t think anyone would fault Rick or Mike because you can’t fault them for bringing in talent but Imo it hurts ABs legacy more; It also tells you everything about Kirk. It also would sell tickets, jerseys, and most importantly it would be FUN to watch defenses scrambling to stop our potentially high flying offense. Other interdivisional coaches would get grey hairs from the stress and Zimmer would look younger and happier as the season went on. Let’s Make Zim Young Again.

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