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Cousins is one of most scrutinized Quarterbacks of the last five years. Despite carrying a putrid Washington team for three years  he is consistently downplayed as a twelve to fifteen range quarterback. Is it deserved or is cousins the most underrated QB in the NFL 

Deep passing

In 2015 Kirk started off poorly in deep passing, throwing just five touchdowns to three interceptions, with an adjusted completion rating below forty percent per Pro Football Focus. He would improve drastically the following years throwing forty- three touchdowns to just ten intercepts from 2016-2019 second to only all-pro Russell Wilson. 


A common misconception with cousins is that he is a slow player. He has shown over the year the ability to extend plays and scramble. In Minnesota he has gotten away from it, but expect for him to be used on more designed runs with Gary Kubiak as the play caller. From 2015-2019 Cousins was second in the NFL in rushing TD’s for QB’s second to former MVP Cam Newton. 

Under pressure/Play action

Cousins isn’t the greatest quarterback under pressure. 2019 was his first year  not in the top ten in attempts under pressure. It was also his best year, his seven to one TD to interception ratio led the NFL. For play action Cousins has been in the top ten in touchdowns every year as a starter except 2016. It is his bread and butter and was the focus of the Vikings offense last season. That will likely continue into next season.

Clutch gene/ “IT” Factor 

It’s one of the most used talking points in the NFL, “Kirk Cousins can’t play in the clutch”. It’s not entirely wrong either. His play has been dragged down by his supporting class, and sometimes he just makes poor decisions. While you see players like Aaron  Rodgers and Russell Wilson win games despite their teammates, and constantly make elite level throws it becomes easy to dismiss Cousins as a top ten starter. Twice this season He combatated the narrative with his win over the heavily favored Saints, and the Dallas Cowboys.  Cousins also created history this season being the only QB in ninety-nine games to comeback after trailing 20-0 at half time, that is the definition of clutch.

Cousins has been a top ten QB in the NFL for the last three seasons, but the analytics and the eye test doesn’t always agree. Since coming to Minnesota he has out done the likes of Deshaun Watson, Matthew Stafford, and Carson Wentz, but is consistently underrated when “experts” talk about the Quarterback position.