About purplePTSD

purplePTSD is owned an operated by Vikings fans. We want to supply you with breaking news, via the lens that we also are in pain and have the same delusional optimism that gets us worked into a fervor by July of each agonizingly long offseason.

The site is comprised of a group of extremely motivated, and talented local writers that help purplePTSD bring a unique view that no other website/news source does. The site is owned by Joe Johnson, a writer for this and many other sites and has articles from full-time writers Luke Braun, Joe Oberle and AJ Mansour.

Beyond that, we are actively looking for opinionated, well spoken Vikings fans to help provide content (news, opinions on the news, basic analysis, etc.). Multiple roles are available. You can create your own persona, whether you’re the resident draft “expert” or the crusty old Vikes fans who has had a bypass for each SB loss… We want to represent the fan base. While sharing up to date news, rumors and Ragnar sex tapes.

Let us know in the comments if you’d like to join the team! Otherwise, enjoy?

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