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Aaron Rodgers proves again that he can’t handle losing to the Vikings

I’m 36 years old. I was seven years old when Brett Favre joined the Green Bay Packers and for most of my consciousness as a football fan, the Packers have thus been a good football team/thorn in my side. Back-to-back first ballot Hall of Famer quarterbacks during a time table in which the Vikings have had more quarterbacks than I’ve had had therapists (correlation? Causation?). 

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While Favre’s will-he-won’t-he retire attention fests temporarily tarnished his legacy (as did those green Crocs), I’m here to argue that his successor has done more to tarnish his legacy when discussing one opponent than Favre could do with a flip phone and gift card to every kiosk at the Mall of America. 

That team? You guessed it. Frank Stallone. 

Actually, that team is the Minnesota Vikings. What am I talking about? Well, a couple things. First was his response to the pass interference non-call during Sunday’s upset loss to the purple.

After the game, Rodgers said of that move:

“I know there’s times where — they probably won’t admit it — but New York is looking at some of these plays and telling them whether or not it was pass interference, or whatever the penalty is,” according to NBCSports. 

This is the same Rodgers who helms the team that is the most hated by every state that touches Wisconsin (and nearly every state that touches those states). 

This warms my cold, dead heart

That’s not because the Packers win a Super Bowl every 15 years as Packers fans will try to convince you, but rather because of HOW the Packers win. They tend to get more calls and non-calls than any other team in the NFL. This article sums up the strange streaks the Packers’ offensive line has had in terms of not being called for holding.

Or this article.

But I’m preaching to the choir.

So to hear Rodgers essentially not only complain about one non-call, but also to essentially accuse the league of some sort of Will Smith NFL movie level of subterfuge to punish the Packers suddenly? That’s next level sore loser-ing. 

That reminds me of the totally illegal and bush league hit that Anthony Barr shamefully landed on Rodgers after he threw the ball away and stopped to hand his jersey to a small boy in a wheel chair. 

Wait, it actually was the most routine tackle ever. 

And Rodgers went on national TV to complain about said hit, and the same league that suddenly hates him to the point of breaking its policies to punish him, listened and made that tackle illegal?

So, to hear him complain about that non-call was the perfect combination of everything that is wrong with Aaron Rodgers. Tone deaf complaining about some conspiracy theory meant to punish one of the most protected players in league history because he can’t handle losing.

I’m starting to understand why the Packers drafted Jordan Love. 

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