Week 11 NFL Power Rankings: Seeing Purple at the Top

The State of the Vikings
Vikings Patrick Peterson celebrates as Bills quarterback Josh Allen walks off the field. Minnesota scored when Allen didn’t handle the snap at the goal line and the Vikings recovered the ball in the end zone.

In an NFL season that has been filled with comebacks and close games, Week 10 takes the cake. Nearly every game came down to the wire, and nine of the 15 games were decided by eight or fewer points. Additionally, the final undefeated team went down on primetime. Here’s the Week 11 NFL power rankings, including a look at the new team at the top. Cheers to hoping Week 11 can be as entertaining as Week 10.

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1. Minnesota Vikings, 8-1

  • Last Week: 33-30 win @ BUF
  • Trending: +2
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. DAL

I’m still trying to figure out how the Vikings won that game. After falling down by 17 points, Minnesota stormed all the way back to beat one of the Super Bowl favorites this week. The Viking have to be taken seriously at 8-1 after this win.

2. Kansas City Chiefs, 7-2

  • Last Week: 27-17 win vs. JAX
  • Trending: —
  • This Week: 11/20 @ LAC

Patrick Mahomes lit up the Jaguars defense on Sunday, passing for four TDs on the way to a big win. Now, the Chiefs hold the top seed in the AFC after this victory.

3. Philadelphia Eagles, 8-1

  • Last Week: 21-32 loss vs. WSH
  • Trending: -2
  • This Week: 11/20 @ IND

The Eagles are undefeated no more. This performance looked much closer to the 2021 version of Jalen Hurts than anything we’ve seen so far this season. Additionally, Philly’s defense was on the field far too often. Now, they have to go on the road to face the Jeff Saturday Colts.

4. Miami Dolphins, 7-3

  • Last Week: 39-17 win vs. CLE
  • Trending: +4
  • This Week: Bye

The overlooked acquisition of the trade deadline was Jeff Wilson, but he’s quickly turning into a staple for the Dolphins offense. This week against the Browns, the running back rushed for 119 yards and a touchdown at seven yards a clip. Miami is 7-0 in games with a healthy Tua Tagovailoa this year as well.

5. Baltimore Ravens, 6-3

  • Last Week: Bye
  • Trending: —
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. CAR

This was a great time for the Ravens to have their bye week as it allowed a banged-up roster to rest. Mark Andrews looks likely to return this week, and perhaps this is the week where JK Dobbins makes his season debut.

6. Buffalo Bills, 6-3

  • Last Week: 30-33 loss vs. MIN
  • Trending: -2
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. CLE

Josh Allen put on his Superman cape to try and carry the Bills to a victory, but in the end, he made one too many mistakes. The Bills are now on a losing streak and in third place in the AFC East.

7. New York Giants, 7-2

  • Last Week: 24-16 win vs. HOU
  • Trending: +2
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. DET

Saquon Barkley left his fingerprints all over this game, dominating on the ground with 152 rushing yards. Additionally, New York’s defense came up with some timely turnovers to help establish and keep an early lead.

8. Tennessee Titans, 6-3

  • Last Week: 17-10 win vs. DEN
  • Trending: +3
  • This Week: 11/17 @ GB

Similar to the Giants, this game is about Derrick Henry and that tenacious defense in Tennessee. The Titans have now allowed 10 points in three of their last four games, and no team has scored more than 20 points against them since Week 3.

9. Dallas Cowboys, 6-3

  • Last Week: 28-31 loss @ GB
  • Trending: -3
  • This Week: 11/20 @ MIN

Initially, things looked great for the Dallas Cowboys in this game. They jumped out to a 28-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter, and the offense was humming. However, down the stretch everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

10. Cincinnati Bengals, 5-4

  • Last Week: Bye
  • Trending: —
  • This Week: 11/20 @ PIT

Cincinnati rode into their bye with a blowout victory over the Carolina Panthers, and now they get back into the swing of things with a matchup against the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

11. San Francisco 49ers, 5-4

  • Last Week: 22-16 win vs. LAC
  • Trending: +3
  • This Week: 11/21 @ ARI

Deebo Samuel didn’t make a huge impact in his return from injury, but Elijah Mitchell showed up in a big way in his first game since Week 1. The 49ers officially have a two-headed monster in the backfield with Mitchell and Christian McCaffrey.

12. New York Jets, 6-3

  • Last Week: Bye
  • Trending: —
  • This Week: 11/20 @ NE

The Jets must figure out a solution at running back in order to remain competitive with the big dogs, but nonetheless, this team has been terrific early in the season. They can solidify their playoff position with a road victory over the Patriots this weekend.

13. Washington Commanders, 5-5

  • Last Week: 32-21 win @ PHI
  • Trending: +4
  • This Week: 11/20 @ HOU

Washington had the perfect gameplan to beat the Eagles, and they executed it to a tee. They controlled the clock, holding the ball for over 40 minutes. Then, when it was needed, their defense stepped up to get key stops in the second half. Washington has completely turned around their season since going to Taylor Heinicke.

14. Seattle Seahawks, 6-3

  • Last Week: 16-21 loss @ TB
  • Trending: -7
  • This Week: Bye

The Seahawks entered this week needing to get a signature win, and they exit it with that same need. In the NFL’s first regular season game played in Germany, Seattle couldn’t find any answers for Tampa Bay’s defense, but they have plenty of time before their next game to make adjustments.

15. New England Patriots, 5-4

  • Last Week: Bye
  • Trending: -2
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. NYJ

The Patriots have been hovering just outside the AFC playoff picture for much of the season, but this week, they can stop dipping their toes in the pool and dive into the deep end.

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 5-5

  • Last Week: 21-16 win vs. SEA
  • Trending: +4
  • This Week: Bye

The Buccaneers seemed like they were going to die quietly this season, but over the past two weeks, they’ve come roaring back to life. Much of their recent success has been found due to their defense, but the emergence of Rachaad White in the backfield could open up their offense as well.

17. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-4

  • Last Week: 16-22 loss @ SF
  • Trending: -2
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. KC

As has happened multiple times this season, the Chargers simply got bullied in the trenches by the 49ers. Of course, it doesn’t help that they have multiple injuries on the offensive line and defensive front, but it makes it extremely difficult to win games when this type of thing happens on a consistent basis.

18. Arizona Cardinals, 4-6

  • Last Week: 27-17 win @ LAR
  • Trending: +1
  • This Week: 11/21 vs. SF

Truly, the only thing we learned this week from Arizona is that Colt McCoy is better than John Wolford. James Conner had a nice day running the ball as well, scoring a pair of touchdowns, so that’s good to see. If Arizona wants to be taken seriously again, they need to get a win over the 49ers this week.

19. Green Bay Packers, 4-6

  • Last Week: 31-28 win vs. DAL
  • Trending: +7
  • This Week: 11/17 vs. TEN

Like Aaron Rodgers said, the Green Packers are “not dead yet”. This was an impressive victory on all accounts. The Packers offense found a rhythm in the fourth quarter, and they made some crucial plays on the defensive side. Perhaps Christian Watson can be the receiver that Packers fans have been hoping for after all.

20. Atlanta Falcons, 4-6

  • Last Week: 15-25 loss @ CAR
  • Trending: -4
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. CHI

Well, the streak of alternating wins and losses is officially over for the Falcons. After losing to the Chargers in Week 9, they fell to the Carolina Panthers four days later. This was just an ugly game all around, but it’s apparent that if Cordarrelle Patterson doesn’t carry the offense, they won’t win too many games.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars, 3-7

  • Last Week: 17-27 loss @ KC
  • Trending: +2
  • This Week: Bye

The Jaguars defense did not show up down the stretch of this game, and it eliminated any chance of a Jaguars comeback. However, Trevor Lawrence had a strong showing for most of this game. Combine that with the other teams remaining on this list, and the Jags move up a couple spots.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers, 3-6

  • Last Week: 20-10 win vs. NO
  • Trending: +5
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. CIN

T.J. Watt came back for Pittsburgh this week, and it showed on the defensive side of the ball. Kenny Pickett played one of his better games against the Saints defense, too. I said last week that the Steelers are going to have to on a hell of a run to avoid Mike Tomlin’s first sub-.500 season, and they are now well on their way.

23. Los Angeles Rams, 3-6

  • Last Week: 17-27 loss vs. ARI
  • Trending: -2
  • This Week: 11/20 @ NO

The Rams are quickly becoming one of the most injured teams in the NFL. Matthew Stafford sat this game out, and now it seems that they’ve lost Cooper Kupp for an extended period of time. Seeing as Kupp has been the majority of their offense over the past two years, it’s hard to imagine them winning to many more games.

24. Detroit Lions, 3-6

  • Last Week: 31-30 win @ CHI
  • Trending: —
  • This Week: 11/20 @ NYG

The Lions defense remains one of the worst groups in recent memory, but they figured out how to play offense again this week. It remains to be seen if that’s because they played the Bears, though. We’ll see if the offense is truly back against the Giants.

25. Cleveland Browns, 3-6

  • Last Week: 17-39 loss @ MIA
  • Trending: -7
  • This Week: 11/20 @ BUF

The Browns got run off the field by the Dolphins offense. Miami put up nearly 500 yards of offense on this group, and this game was never in doubt.d

26. Indianapolis Colts, 4-5-1

  • Last Week: 25-20 win @ LV
  • Trending: +4
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. PHI

It’s Jeff Saturday and Jim Irsay against the world, and so far, they’re 1-0. The Colts went into Las Vegas and stole a win from the Raiders. Saturday now has the best winning percentage of any active head coach.

27. Denver Broncos, 3-6

  • Last Week: 10-17 loss @ TEN
  • Trending: -5
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. LV

The Broncos continue to be a mess on offense. Their inability to convert third downs kills any and all momentum, but the Raiders may just be the one team that is in as bad a situation as them.

28. Carolina Panthers, 3-7

  • Last Week: 25-15 win vs. ATL
  • Trending: +4
  • This Week: 11/20 @ BAL

It was the D’Onta Foreman show in Carolina on Thursday night, and the Panthers got a win on Thursday night. However, this might actually hurt them in the long run as they look for a high draft pick in April.

29. Chicago Bears, 3-7

  • Last Week: 30-31 loss vs. DET
  • Trending: —
  • This Week: 11/20 @ ATL

Justin Fields is showing why so many hyped him up as one of the best QBs of the 2021 Draft class. Their defense has been bad, but it’s promising to see their cornerstone QB progressing as well as he has.

30. New Orleans Saints, 3-7

  • Last Week: 10-20 loss @ PIT
  • Trending: -6
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. LAR

Free Jameis Winston.

31. Las Vegas Raiders, 2-7

  • Last Week: 20-25 loss vs. IND
  • Trending: -3
  • This Week: 11/20 @ DEN

What if I told you, a 2021 playoff team that added an All-Pro receiver would lose to a team with an interim coach with zero experience? That’s the Las Vegas Raiders, folks.

32. Houston Texans, 1-7-1

  • Last Week: 16-24 loss @ NYG
  • Trending: -1
  • This Week: 11/20 vs. WSH

The good news for Houston is that they are comfortably winning the race to the bottom, and then they can draft another QB.

Josh Frey is a Class of 2020 graduate of The College of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing. He also earned minors in History, Human Biology, and Journalism. When he’s not writing about the NFL, Josh enjoys marathon training, playing video games, or rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks. For more of his opinions, check out his Twitter account: @Freyed_Chicken.