The Vikings Do The Right Thing By Increasing Kicker Competition

Dec 20, 2021; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph (1) kicks a field in the first half against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Joseph was never going to be handed the job. Nay, the most sensible approach was always to increase the competition.

Earlier in the offseason, we at Purple PTSD addressed how Joseph’s unguaranteed deal basically guaranteed competition:

That reality means the veteran will need to earn his spot once training camp rolls around. The Vikings should make him earn it. If the team really does want to compete in 2022, it’ll need to have field goals in clutch situations. Bring some pressure in during the offseason to ensure Joseph can continue to handle it as he tries to set himself apart from the competition.

Our previous speculation has become a reality. Last week, Minnesota brought in UDFA kicker Gabe Brkic. The former Oklahoma kicker will be Joseph’s main competition throughout the offseason.

Minnesota, then, has now put their kicker and punter in a position to compete. There is the aforementioned kicking situation and then the two punters: Jordan Berry and Ryan Wright. In his lone season with the Vikings, Berry had a 46.5 per punt average. It’s the best average in Berry’s career, and yet it’s one that ranked 14th in the NFL. Perhaps Wright will give the Vikings a cheaper, stronger option at punter.

As it stands, long snapper Andrew DePaola doesn’t have any competition. Long snapping is one of those things that you don’t appreciate until it’s gone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep the vet.

Currently, we’re in one of the slowest parts of the offseason. As things proceed, though, we’ll get a better understanding of how the competition is going among the Vikings kickers. Let the best man win.