Bleacher Report Puts Forth an Intriguing Vikings Trade Idea

By this point, many purple fans are a little concerned about how Minnesota’s defense will respond to Patrick Peterson’s absence. It was the Peterson injury that prompted me to write a piece suggesting three trade candidates for our Vikings earlier this week. Well, Bleacher Report has gotten in on the fun. They offer a Vikings trade idea, one that looks to give Zim some help at corner by making a move for Vernon Hargreaves III:

“Minnesota signed veteran Patrick Peterson as a free agent, but he’s currently on injured reserve with a balky hamstring. Vernon Hargreaves III started for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Houston Texans. He’s only 26 and is a free agent after this season. The Vikings should call the Texans in an attempt to add one more corner.”

They take a similar rationale to myself. The Texans aren’t going anywhere quick, so perhaps they’d be willing to move on from a player in exchange for a draft pick. I suggested Desmond King II in my piece, but I see where they’re going with Hargreaves.

The 26-year-old corner is making less than $2 million this year, so Minnesota has the money to afford him. He was chosen 11th overall in 2016. Since that time, he has been mostly an average player. Currently, Hargreaves is PFF‘s 62nd corner. He has played 218 snaps out wide and only 6 in the slot. That’s not much of a problem for our Vikings since Peterson was primarily lining up along the outside.

Frankly, I don’t think this Vikings trade idea is too bad. It makes a lot of sense for our Vikings to solidify the secondary. We’ll soon find out if Rick Spielman and Zim agree.