GMFB: “I’m Crying for Vikings Fans”

Jan 3, 2021; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Alexander Mattison. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports.

Folks, it can be tough being a Vikings fans. We’ve all known this for a little while now, but it’s at least somewhat notable when the national media starts paying attention. Others are noticing the Vikings heartbreak. Take a peak at what the hosts over at Good Morning Football had to say:

A few takeaways.

Peter Schrager, God bless him, says we’ve been having a “historically heartbreaking” year. Now, I think there may be some hyperbole here, but it’s safe to say things have gone poorly. As Schrager suggests, the Dalvin Cook fumble in that Cincinnati game was a gut punch. What made it even worse was the questionable fumble call from the refs. Nevertheless, we deserved to lose that game. We were taking penalties like they were going out of style. We got what we deserved against the Bengals.

The Arizona missed kick made our heartbreak even worse; we easily could have taken down the conference’s best team. The Cleveland no-show was discouraging for different reasons, but discouraging nonetheless. I’m less concerned with the brutal referee calls and more concerned with the offense’s brutal performance. Klint Kubiak needs to get better, and he needs to do so quickly.

They note that Minnesota “tried giving [the Detroit] game away.” They’re exactly right. It’s a strange feeling when one is disappointed following a last-second victory over a division rival. Minnesota can make that unlikely occurrence an all-too-real reality.

Vikings heartbreak is as normal to our fandom as water is to a fish. It’s just a normal part of our environment. Someday, perhaps, things will change. I do believe that we’ll break through for a Super Bowl at some point. Here’s what I’ll say about that, though: don’t expect it to come easy. A magical season with a blowout win in the big game?

Nay, they’ll likely make us sweat.