Week 12 Picks

Bears vs Lions: Bears 20-16

The Bears may be without Trubisky, but I still like their chances against Detroit because of the Chicago’s defense.

Redskins vs Cowboys: Cowboys 27-13

The Redskins are led into battle today by Colt McCoy. I like the Cowboys’ odds in this one.

Falcons vs Saints: Saints 56-50

I think this game could be just as exciting as Monday Night’s shootout in L.A. The Saints are going to win an exciting game.

Patriots vs Jets: Patriots 27-17

This game will be another win for the Patriots and none of us will be surprised by it.

Jaguars vs Bills: Jaguars 24-3

Jacksonville’s defense should have a field day on the horrible Bills offense.

Giants vs Eagles: Giants 27-21 *UPSET ALERT*

Maybe I’m crazy but I like the Giants more and more each week. Eli still needs to retire after this year, but I think he can beat Philly this week.

49ers vs Buccaneers: 49ers 23-16

NICK MULLENS IS AT IT AGAIN! In seriousness, I don’t like Jameis Winston as an NFL quarterback and the Buccaneers have too many issues at a lot of positions.

Raiders vs Ravens: ravens 24-10

The Ravens will be running the ball a lot in this game, and I think they also might run straight into the playoffs with Lamar Jackson.

Browns vs Bengals: Bengals 30-24

The Browns are still a year away, but with a smart young coach next season, who focuses on offense, they could be similar to what the Rams are this year. Less explosive, but still comparable.

Seahawks vs Panthers: Seahawks 27-17

The Panthers are a different team at home than when they’re away, but I like what the Seahawks have been doing lately. They run the ball a lot, and let Wilson make a couple big, game turning plays.

Cardinals vs Chargers: Chargers 37-17

The Chargers are angry about losing to Denver last week, so I expect them to pummel the struggling Cardinals.

Dolphins vs Colts: Colts 30-20

The Dolphins started off so hot, and they have collapsed to become a mediocre team. The Colts did the opposite and are going to be in the playoffs. Book it.

Steelers vs Broncos: Broncos 27-26 *UPSET ALERT*

I like Case Keenum. He’s a great guy and a decent quarterback. Pittsburgh plays down to their opponents, and I think they are going to let the Broncos hang around long enough to steal a win.

Packers vs Vikings: Packers 20-12

The Vikings didn’t pay Kirk Cousins to play as bad as he did on Sunday night.

Titans vs Texans: Texans 33-17

The Texans are going to knock out a serious contender from the post-season. Book it. They are very good.