Week 10 Picks

Panthers vs Steelers: Steelers 31-27

This is the game I am most excited to watch this week. A potential Super Bowl preview, the Steelers will find a way to win at home amongst all the drama their team is going through.

Bills vs Jets: Jets 17-10

This game is only important for draft positioning.

Redskins vs Buccaneers: Redskins 37-24

The Redskins are better than their blow out loss last week would suggest. I think they hold FitzMagic to a low amount of points, while Alex Smith has a big statement game.

Patriots vs Titans: Patriots 31-17

The Pats are the best team in the league and I can’t see the Titans dethroning them.

Saints vs Bengals: Saints 27-10

The Saints defense gets to play a battered and beaten Bengals offense, and Drew Brees should have a field day against the Bengals’ defense.

Cardinals vs Chiefs: Chiefs A lot-A little

Easiest game to pick so far.

Lions vs Bears: Lions 24-16 *UPSET ALERT*

The Lions just got embarrassed by the Vikings and are looking to prove that they are a competent team. The Bears just rolled a terrible Buffalo team and may have inflated heads. Let the upset begin!

Falcons vs Browns: Falcons 31-17

The Falcons defense will feel good about itself after playing the struggling Browns, and their offense should move up and down the field on Cleveland’s defense.

Jaguars vs Colts: Jaguars 27-24

The Jags get Fournette back, and if he plays healthy he can help them control the ball and keep their defense fresh against the Colts.

Chargers vs Raiders: Chargers by a mile

The Chargers may be the best team in football, and no one seems to acknowledge them. They will beat the Raiders and maybe someday, the Chiefs.

Seahawks vs Rams: Rams 37-34

This game was very close the last time these teams met, and this time I think the result is the same. A close win for L.A.

Dolphins vs Packers: Packers 27-17

The Dolphins have a better record than the Packers, but the Dolphins also have Brock Osweiler and that’s why they lose.

Cowboys vs Eagles: Eagles 38-17

The Eagles are about to hit their stride and win a lot of games.


NICK MULLENS WINS THE GAME 27-14! In seriousness, the Giants are terrible, the 49ers are terrible, and no one wants to watch these games, ESPN. Last week we got the Bills vs Pats, this week the Giants and 49ers, maybe next year they’ll give us exciting matchups like the Bills and Jets in primetime.